What On Earth Can We Do?

by Abuse of Power

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released June 14, 2019

Recorded & Mixed by CJ Ridings
Mastered by Arthur Rizk
Artwork by Kat Lyons


all rights reserved



Abuse of Power Atlanta, Georgia


Email : abuseofpoweratl@gmail.com

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Track Name: Shadow
by myself things just dont seem to change
i'm holding on to what theres left of me
there's no one else but myself to blame
i wish i knew how to never feel this way again
the shades of likeness between you and me
are far from what it used to be
pretend there's no shadow
you don't say it's name
but since it's descent i've not been the same
but this time I won't let it stake it's claim
i wish i knew how to never feel this way again
all this time
and now i see
what was the shadow
and what was me.
Track Name: They Tell Me
at night, those fears that live on in my head
close my eyes - wish i was dead
couldn't be further from the truth
they heard from you
that's right
couldn't be further from the truth
who said what?
whos to say?
whos to blame?
sadness to your name
Track Name: Silent Spring
a silent spring in my mind
we search for a reason but don't know why
the start to an end we can't deny
a silent spring in my mind, i could never find
it's meaning a vapor, a figure of speech
a silence passes just out of reach
the words i could never find
what in this life will i leave behind?
and now it's not the same
weighed down by who you thought i would be
Track Name: May 1st
what relief can i find in this violence of life?
the essence of presence can't just be getting by
i try to find a meaning that feels right
the sun that fills the loss of the night
watching water pour through, spilling out like every "i miss you"
and there you are sprouting through the earth
like warmth through the blinds
i save every piece of you i find
that the things that matter most are the ones we hold close
i feel the warmth you bring no matter where i may be
you are always with me
Track Name: What On Earth Can We Do?
could death just be a rich man's trick?
fading trust in straw men
who do we look to for an answer?
a glancing blow from the window
met with eyes staring from the void
flying past my face, it cut the wind and my eyes stung
whispers trail off
replaced with mourning
what could we have done?
the straw men burn and blood flows from the ground
the blackness of the void drinks deep without a sound
by what we see our minds are bound
we go along without a sound
aware of who we keep around
we go along without a sound
we went along without a sound
we went along without a sound...
Track Name: Killing Field
the first lie I ever meant is when I said that I'd come back
a choice was made, it wasn't mine
it's hard to call a massacre a sacrifice
when i said i'd die for you, i couldn't know that you would too
a flame doused before the spark, never even got the chance to break my heart
fading - reaching - leading
you to the killing fields
the second lie i told to you was that you'd live through me in all i do
that promise flew into the sun
so i mourn your death in more ways than one
Track Name: Pentimento
am i more than what i say?
so much faith in those i face
taking what you will from me
"the painter becomes the painted"
pouring myself out and over
all in life that i can offer
each breath a stroke of the brush
consume myself in that which i love
what color will i become in time?
taking my place on the wall
what color will i become in time?
as the paint fades before my eyes
Track Name: Leap Year
is this the last thing i'll remember?
as we lift our heads to the sky
is this the last thing i'll remember
the sound of someone laughing in my ear
can't you see that we're alone?
things we take but not our own
what we claim is not our home
holes we've dug to fill with gold
somewhere above me like birds they sing
or are they weeping?
can't you see that we're alone?
things we take but not our own
what we claim is not our home
insecurities yet outgrown
you look for hope in other people's eyes
but do you wear them laughing?
or is it all just another disguise
another way for you to bide your time
just a way to hide the feeling
Track Name: State Of Grace
what is that flickering in the pale mirror?
not tears
not sighs
but tomorrow's vanished scraps
or could it be just a leaden body
what is that howling in the black sunset?
not the night wind
not a crow
but a creaking hinge of rusted hope
you are even more beautiful than god
what on earth could you want?
do you want me?
my body was burning up
it all seemed like a dream
what did you see?
was it me?
what awaits in the pale march of time
not a grave
not the light
not a life
but a mirage of a blank face, or could it be...
but a mirage of a forgotten place, or could it be...
you're in a state of grace

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