When Then Becomes Now

by Abuse of Power

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7" released on Triple B Records.

1st Press
black /100
mint green /300
baby pink /600
record release /50
california weekend /50
northeast weekend /30
european tour /75

2nd Press
brown /500
european tour pt.2 /100


released April 12, 2017


all rights reserved



Abuse of Power Atlanta, Georgia


Email : abuseofpoweratl@gmail.com

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Track Name: When Then Becomes Now
there has got to be a better way
believing the lie sets us back from change
open your eyes, don't be afraid
check ourselves before we're left alone-
learn to give more than we take
we take what we need and we go back for more
learn to live the other way...
how is it progress if we're not moving forward?
when then becomes...
now you see what it's done to me
the view has changed, can't look away
i hate it too, but i'm too scared to leave
the scared the past, will come back to reap
no, we cant let the worst of our past repeat itself again
we've come too far to let them win
when then becomes now
Track Name: All I Need
what's it matter to you?
the pain i feel if i win or lose
i have room to talk / spent years deceived
i recall a past that i cant unsee
you chose to stoak the fire, not seek a light in me
despite what you think, i've found all i need
i won't be let down cause you won't be around
that isn't what was said
split lies, slip through your hands
this isn't what i want... made that clear right from the start
i won't be let down cause you won't be around
you confused what i said with all the lies that's in your head
you and me...
Track Name: Stray Voltage
you're walking circles around me
i watch you passing by but i'll sit and wait
i got so much to say...
you're walking circles around me
look at the path you've made, it's plain to see
why we never got too close
where do those feelings go?
shove them down
so we could still be around
they wont hear a sound
you said it from the start
we could end it now or pick it apart
whats best for you
i dont belong, that much is true
feelings fade but memories stay
Track Name: Line Break
i won't forget what you did for me
ignited a spark i wish you could see
words you never spoke still ring in my head...
the end of your life, as a new one begins
what will be will be
despite the past, i'll be free
gave me hope
no time to cope
just let me go
what will be will be
despite the rest, we'll be free
all you could take-- where the line breaks
Track Name: Secure
thought by now, i'd be secure
facing, confronting, branding each other
to make ourselves feel pure
i want to know, if these fears inside my head are shelved away
can we start over again?
you said i should be afraid, i'm afraid of myself
ask you one thing, i already know...
can we grow?
until now, i thought i've done all i can
suppressed feelings and fears, controlling who i am
i'll just wait till i'm alone again...
you said i should be afraid, i'm afraid of myself
i want to know if i push you away, will you still think of me?
you said i should be afraid, but i'm afraid of myself
dismissed love